Portable Toilet Hire & Servicing









Portable Toilet Hire 

  • Ultra Clean and Spacious Interior: These portable toilets offer a large interior space, making them ideal for both household construction and civil construction events. The cleanliness is maintained at a high standard.

  • Hands-Free Operation: They feature hands-free operation for flushing and handwashing.

  • Hygiene Essentials: Liquid hand wash is provided as standard in all units, along with a large hand wash basin. The toilets are craned into position, allowing flexibility without restrictions.

  • Comprehensive Servicing:

    • Waste tank emptied using purpose-built vacuum trucks.
    • Water and chemical added for extra hygiene and a stronger fragrance.
    • Water tanks refilled.
    • Soap dispensers refilled.
    • Regular checks on flush and hand wash pumps to ensure they’re in good working order.
    • Sanitization and deodorization.
    • Service record signed and dated at each service.






Event Rentals 

  • Convenience and Accessibility: Global Waste Services provide a convenient solution for sanitation needs during outdoor gatherings, festivals, concerts and sporting events. They are strategically placed to ensure easy access for attendees or workers.
  • Spacious Interior: Our Event portable toilets are designed with a spacious interior to accommodate users comfortably. They offer privacy and enough room to move around.
  • Lighting and Mirrors: Event models include interior lighting for night time use.

  • Variety of Designs: Out event portable toilets come in various designs, including standard single units, wheelchair-accessible models and trailer mounted models.

  Remember to choose a reliable provider like Global Waste Services for quality event portable toilets and excellent customer service.